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BNET ClientAPI is an open source project that allow comunication with Blizzard Battle.NET network using Blizzard own Community APIs.

The project is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, and uses REST requests for comunication with Blizzard servers. The format of the project is of a PCL (Portable Class Library) intended for use with Windows Phone 7.1, Windows Phone 8, .NET Framework 4.5, Silverlight 4/5 and Windows 8 Store Apps projects.

By now, only World of Warcraft is partially supported.

Actually, the client library can fetch realms statuses and, for each realm, partial information about battlegroups and general realm data. Can also fetch base statistics for a WoW character, completed by the render and portrait images.

The library is now available as a download from NuGET. For information and link, visit the Downloads section.

For more information about WoW REST API, follow this link:

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